Apartments by the sea


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Phuket | Bang Tao
Move to live on the warm Andaman Sea
Enjoy your vacation at the best resort in Asia
Invest in a rental business in a growing market
The perfect combination of modern design, comfort and functionality, for those who appreciate the quality of life and are looking for the best place for their family. Located amidst the breathtaking beauty of Phuket's majestic highlands, the exquisite architectural masterpiece Highland Park Condominium offers ideal conditions for those seeking escape from the routine of everyday life.
from 17
mil THB
CASCADE Condominium Bangtao Beach
residential complex
5 minutes walk from Bang Tao beach
The physical geography of Phuket is mostly mountainous and rocky. The concept of the building is inspired by the laying of stones, cascading and interlacing, which creates a different volume of balcony space.
Cascade Rocks
Alternating laying provides
a double balcony area
A stack formed as a result of wave erosion or wind
Everything you need
to live in comfort
is always nearby
2 communal swimming pools on the roof of the condominium including 2 children's pools and jacuzzi areas
2 large play areas with game equipment and sandboxes for the youngest
Pedestrian paths among green spaces and areas for privacy among exotic plants
2 fenced observation decks overlooking the Andaman Sea
Swimming pool
Green lawn
Observation deck
Master plan
Enjoy the vast expanses of the ocean and amazing beaches from the roof
of the Highland Park Condominium
Entry / Exit
2 - 6th floors
1st floor
7th floor-roof
5. Swimming pool
6. Children's pool
7. Terrace
8. Barbecue area
9. Observation deck
10. Playground and sandbox
11. Lawn
12. Pebble path
Abundance of luxury apartments in an elite area of Phuket at a price of 17 million THB
The ideal location for
a comfortable life and leisure
Swimming pools, Jacuzzi, play and walking areas on the roof of the condo
Parks with a unique landscape, plants and trees
Recreation areas with gazebos for secluded leisure and meditation
Barbecue areas for noisy groups of friends
On the map
Unique apartment with a view of the warm sea
CASCADE Condominium
Bangtao Beach
The sandy beach of Bang Tao is only 700 meters away
from the condominium
Apartments by the sea

Sales Department
+ 79046326235
+ 66841808462
Apartments exceeding expectations
Phuket | Bang Tao
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